Unlocking Efficiency and Reliability for ETIMINE SA with Peel Ports Logistics


In 2022, Peel Ports Logistics (PPL) forged a strategic partnership with ETIMINE SA, a prominent mining and chemical company based in Turkey. ETIMINE SA, a global leader in boron production, exports its products worldwide, serving critical industries such as glass and ceramics.


ETIMINE SA's shipments included both bulk and bagged products, necessitating separate storage areas and a "rip & tip" operation. These shipments, averaging between 4,000 to 5,000 metric tons every 8 weeks, required substantial storage capacity that Ellesmere Port initially lacked.

The Solution

PPL recognised the unique needs of ETIMINE SA and took a proactive approach to provide a comprehensive solution. Through close collaboration and partnership, PPL extended its capabilities to accommodate the client's requirements. This involved the provision of storage space at both Ellesmere Port and Runcorn, situated along the Manchester Ship Canal, ensuring seamless operations.

The strategy involved discharging bagged cargo at Ellesmere Port, while bulk cargo found its destination at Runcorn Docks. This dual-port approach not only mitigated potential disruptions in ETIMINE SA's operations but also brought significant advantages to the client.

The Results:

Enhanced Reliability: PPL's streamlined logistics significantly improved ETIMINE SA's ability to provide a reliable service to its global customer base. The reduced risk of delays and disruptions in the supply chain enhanced ETIMINE SA's reputation and customer satisfaction.

One-Stop-Shop Solution: Peel Ports Logistics offered a unique value proposition by managing two storage ports in the UK through a single point of contact. This simplified approach allowed ETIMINE SA to focus on its core business while relying on PPL for a comprehensive, hassle-free logistics solution.

Reduced Environmental Impact: One of ETIMINE SA's largest customer is located in the Northwest, and PPL's strategic port locations reduced road miles, resulting in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics operation.

"Our partnership with ETIMINE SA exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for our clients. By understanding their unique logistical challenges, we were able to provide a seamless and reliable supply chain operation, ultimately enhancing their global competitiveness." Lauren Caldwell, Head of Logistics, Peel Ports Logistics.

“Peel Ports was able to accommodate us within short notice and we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial future outcome for the business relationship.” Mesut Yazilitas – Sales Manager, ETIMINE SA