New Logistics Operations Director

The team at Peel Ports Logistics welcomed Vikki Whitfield as its new Operations Director earlier this year.

Vikki brings her solid and impressive background within the industry to evaluate the business and ensure its vision and strategic goals are delivered across all the divisions.

She is also one of our equality, diversity and inclusion champions, having joined the steering group which will shape our strategy.

Vikki is passionate about this subject: “There are many advantages to having a diverse workforce, such as stronger governance and bringing a wider perspective in tackling challenges we may face in the future.

“More women are now coming forward and holding more senior positions within the industry. We can have a positive impact on this by focusing on the next generation and visiting schools and colleagues, educating young people on the exciting careers on offer.

“One of my key objectives in my new role will be to promote diversity across the group and investment in developing our employees, as our workforce is what stands us aside from our competitors and therefore our most valuable asset."