Transforming waste into value – an eco-friendly, port centric approach.

As the world is expected to produce 60% more waste in the next 30 years it seems poignant that in 2018 the EU created the new circular economy package; setting a new waste management target by placing a 10% cap on landfill and increase waste recycling to 65% by 2035.

The waste to energy supply chain is at the heart of the new circular economy.  The establishment of a global market for wastes and waste materials destined for energy plants can ensure all value is extracted from residual waste as well as recognise over 150 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent savings by reducing methane released from landfill and reducing the need to burn fossil fuels for energy.

Find out how Sales Manager, Laura Wood and Peel Ports Logistics, were able to provide an eco-friendly logistics solution to deliver recycled wood material into the UK and add value to a customer’s supply chain.

The challenge.

MECORE is a leader in the European waste market, helping companies with their existing and new recycling solutions and energy supplies. Using a network of agents, MECORE is the connecting factor in combining supply and demand, processing capabilities, logistics and quality management into a meaningful and profitable long-term solution for all parties involved.

One recent project was to deliver vessels of 2000 – 3000 tonnes of recycled wood material from the Netherlands into the UK. Due to the lightweight nature of the recycled wood material, it required an efficient handling and excellent transport service to ensure it was loaded safely onto the vessel and discharged efficiently to avoid any demurrage.

The solution.

Peel Ports and the Peel Ports Logistics team (part of the Peel Ports Group) worked in partnership, playing to each of their strengths, to execute a port centric and eco-friendly solution to move the cargo using a vessel solution approach. Normally this type of product would be delivered by road however by offering a vessel orientated solution we were able to reduce road miles and almost half the carbon footprint of this supply chain. 

Peel Ports Logistics, located at Ellesmere Port, was perfectly placed to transport the product closer to its end destination, take advantage of its network connections and experience in handling various bulk products to ensure the efficient movement of product. The Peel Ports Logistics team provided stevedoring, transport and agency services and also liaised with end destination throughout to ensure tip at site was efficient.

Sebastian Gardiner, Managing Director, Peel Ports Logistics said: “Our expertise here at Peel Ports Logistics is giving a delivered service to a client. For this project, we were ideally placed to provide a one-stop-shop UK solution. This was initially provided on a trial basis, however, it proved very successful and we welcome this now becoming a long and fruitful relationship.”

Jack Jennison, Managing Director, MECORE said: “We have carried out a lot of exports from the UK over the past decade, however, this was our first project to supply directly into the UK. This was also undertaken during COVID-19 which meant we were unable to be present on site.

“We took a small leap of faith and placed all confidence in our business partners to ensure the job went smoothly and I am pleased to say it was a great success. We look forward to many more to come from our Amsterdam processing site.”

Laura Wood, Sales Manager, Peel Ports Group said: “Originally we were looking at using Runcorn to import the material. However after meeting with Jack, I met with the team at Peel Ports Logistics and together we put a proposal together to handle the material via Ellesmere Port.

“Ellesmere Port was the ideal choice, combining the right facilities, location and expert team to provide the perfect vessel orientated solution. Peel Ports Logistics have a proven history of providing transport solutions and were ideally placed to assist with the transport elements to provide the best service solution for MECORE”.