CF Fertiliser feeds UK and global agriculture

The challenge.

CF Fertiliser produces more than 1.5 million tonnes of fertiliser per year, equating to around 40% of the UK’s needs. Its products have been at the heart of British farming for 50 years and are essential for the economy, improving crop yield and quality in agriculture.

CF is the UK's largest manufacturer of ammonia and nitric acid for use in industry. In total the company employs around 600 people across two locations in Cheshire and Cleveland.

One of CF’s key sites is located on 124 acres of land next to the Manchester Ship Canal and consists of one ammonia and three nitric acid plants, with a further nitrogen fertiliser plant and three compound lines. 

Stock management is a huge challenge for the business and it relies on an efficient and effective haulage service to provide just-in-time deliveries. Product must be in stock when needed without having to store too much, especially during peak periods. That requires a storage and logistics set-up that works fully in harmony with operations of CF’s business and with its customers.

The solution.

CF works with logistics specialist Peel Ports Logistics, which is part of the Peel Ports group. Peel Ports Logistics operates an onward transport service, using its own 15-strong fleet along with a network of preferred hauliers who are best placed to meet the diverse needs of customers using Peel Ports’ facilities.

The service Peel Ports Logistics delivers for CF covers the chartering of vessels, storing products, handling bulk and bagged exports and organising deliveries to its factory in Cheshire. The range of products handled includes ammonium sulphate, CalMag and potash.

Peel Ports Logistics is ideally placed to serve CF because it operates at Ellesmere Port which is the closest port to the company’s facilities, which cuts down on road miles after vessels are discharged. Ellesmere Port also has the advantage of being able to handle 10,000 tonne vessels and offers flexible storage. This unique combination gives CF a commercial advantage, with the added advantage of reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

Ben Blayds, Logistics and Distribution Manager at CF Fertiliser, said: “Peel Ports Logistics was an obvious choice for us due to its advantageous location on the Manchester Ship Canal allowing us great flexibility to import and export throughout the year. Peel Ports Logistics have also taken on an all-encompassing logistics partner role with CF bringing in vessels, providing storage and moving product directly to our site - another added bonus. This on top of working with a team that want to make it happen, makes this a partnership I am proud of and one that I hope to see grow”.

Sebastian Gardiner, Managing Director at Peel Ports Logistics, said: “We appreciate that CF takes customer service very seriously. The company prides itself on a reliable, secure and high quality distribution network. Farming can’t afford to have delays in the supply chain and we thrive on the challenge of helping CF to keep crops growing in the fields, both at home and abroad.”