Stockpile Sheeting

Storeshield, part of Peel Ports Logistics, is a practical, cost effective solution to protecting stockpiles from the elements, pests, environmental damage and your profits.

Furthermore, it saves money and safeguards the environment, and is ideal for covering all kinds of bulk material to provide protection from the weather. It is a tried and tested system that keeps stocks dry, safe and free from contamination.

Made from reinforced woven polypropylene, Storeshield is tough and durable and can be quickly installed by our expert team, who have over twenty years of sheeting experience.

Our Ellesmere Port site has an extensive multi-modal operation, with a footprint of 44 hectares providing extensive covered and uncovered storage. Due to its state of the art equipment and facilities, we can offer the full range of logistics handling, storage and delivery requirements.


We have a wealth of experience and our expertise will be able to add real value to your existing supply chain solutions, as well as helping you to develop new ones.

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