Rail terminal logistics

At Peel Ports Logistics we’re always looking to go that extra mile to offer a great service. We want your whole cargo journey to be efficient, cost-effective, green and problem-free.

We have a multimodal rail terminal at Ellesmere Port, where the use of the Cawood and Manisty Wharf Sidings, can help coordinate the transportation of your cargo by rail seamlessly and efficiently. This can be done in conjunction with across the quay movement,  or as independent rail traffic. The terminal offers access to the national rail network via the west coast mainline. We also offer:

  • Option to use the Ellesmere Port Rail Terminal and Manisty Wharf Siding
  • Inbound and outbound rail traffic handling
  • Handling of all categories of traffic e.g. container, bulk etc.
  • Close working relationship with all rail freight providers to ensure the most economic and cost-effective handling solution
  • Ability to offer in house warehousing operations and onward transportation services
  • 24-hour operation
  • Network of sidings, including 425m run round

We have a wealth of experience and our expertise will be able to add real value to your existing supply chain solutions, as well as helping you to develop new ones.

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