Customs Clearance

Providing safe and efficient customs clearance service

At Peel Ports Logistics (part of the Peel Ports Group), we operate a successful customs clearance service. Whether it’s import, export, or transhipment, we can manage your clearance processes and ensure you conform to all Customs/Statutory Bodies' requirements.

Our customs clearance service enables shipments to be customs cleared and delivered to your chosen destination without any delay and in a safe and efficient manner. Our extensive experience of customs clearance procedures partnered with our transport platform allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services and seamless experience to the benefit of importers, exporters and freight forwarders alike. We take pride in providing a seamless experience to our customers.

We have a wealth of experience and our expertise will be able to add real value to your existing supply chain solutions, as well as helping you to develop new ones.

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